Window experiments

Performed at Bargain Spot Project Space


Ten Chances No Hustle International Residency Program, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2015


During the summer of 2015, a group of 5 artists from France, Scotland, England and the U.S. spent 2 weeks occupying the Bargain Spot Project Space in central Edinburgh. I wanted to use this as a time as a way to engage directly with the assets and opportunities the space provided. The front window allowed me to interact with passers by, playfully interrupting their daily routines and finding ways to connecting in a city that appreciates a lack of eye contact.

Walk with me?


A collaborative performance, with members of the public, as well as fellow residents. In the front window of the space, I walked in tandem with passers by of the space, making eye contact and initiating a playful relationship.


There were three variations on this performance: solo, walking side by side fellow resident Collette Raynor, and activating both windows in the store front with John Corrigan.


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Looking for other ways to encourage people to break their routine, I sat in the front window for a few hours, interacting with strangers through a strange invitation.

Semi-decent magic trick


Passers by were offered the change to be slightly amazed.