And everything like that

An interview by Andy Sturdevant


Below is an excerpt from the original interview, read the entire thing on the Paper Darts website.


“Andy DuCett is a visual artist based in Minneapolis who creates installations built from found objects and large- scale drawings on paper, made with ink and colored pencil. His most recent such drawing, “Thumbs up (We must be living right),” was shown as part of the exhibition Painting Zombies: Permanence/Impermanence at the Katherine Nash Gallery at the University of Minnesota. The drawing was over two years in the making.


A few weeks before the show on a Sunday night, DuCett invited me to his studio in Deep South Minneapolis to watch him finally complete the drawing and talk to him about his art as he worked. DuCett’s studio is in a standalone garage and packed with a Salvation Army- like array of objects he uses in his installations and incorporates into his drawings—furniture, books, photos, plants, electronics, toys, appliances, printed ephemera of all kinds.


Also worth noting: the Green Bay Packers were playing the Dallas Cowboys, so the evening began with Andy—a native of Winona, just across the river from Wisconsin— trying to adjust the digital antenna on the far side of the studio so he could listen to the game while he worked. He was having trouble positioning the antenna in such a way that it picked up the signal. The signal would come through perfectly clear one moment, then disappear, until he found a suitable perch over the doorframe.”